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Joyti Saksena is a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon who specialises in knee and hip procedures caused by injury to the joint or by diseases such as arthritis. His primary areas of clinical expertise and interest include the following:

  • Hip replacement (primary, complex primary, and revision procedures);
  • Knee replacement (primary and revision procedures);
  • Arthroscopic hip and knee surgery;
  • Knee ligament reconstruction;
  • Knee preservation surgery (Biological Joint Replacement);
  • Fracture/trauma clinic;
  • Sports injuries involving the knee or hip.

Joyti Saksena completed his initial medical training at the University of Dundee Medical School in 1995. After completing specialist orthopaedic training in London he became a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in 2009. He is fellowship trained in Sports and Reconstructive surgery of the Hip and Knee.

To make an appointment with Mr. Saksena via the NHS, you can ask your GP or specialist for a referral. If you wish to go through the private healthcare system you can request an appointment via his PA at Woolaston House (Deborah 0208 341 3422), Doctify, Highgate Private Hospital, or BMI Healthcare. For more information please see How to Book an Appointment.

All surgical procedures have risks, but overall, surgeries that are planned for are much safer than those that are performed on an emergency basis. Even so, there are some risks associated with surgery to the hip and knee joints.

For instance, infection, bleeding, blood clots and damage to nerves and vessels can occur in 2-3% of patients. The hip or knee prosthesis may loosen and wear out with time. At this stage it may then require revision surgery. 95% of prosthesis will remain well fixed for over 10 years. For hips there is also a risk of dislocation and Leg Legnth discrepancy.  For Knee replacement, stiffness can also occur, particularly if the rehabilitation/physiothery is not carried out regularly. Some studies have shown that up to 20% of patients after knee replacement may report a degree of dissatisfaction.

Joint repair or replacement surgery is physically demanding and after surgery it can be several weeks before you're able to resume a normal level of activity. It's important to prepare by being as physically fit as possible, and it is useful although not absolutely necessary to have help and support available after your surgery.

Visiting Clinic & Hospitals

Highgate Private Hospital

17-19 View Road LONDON N64DJ

BMI The Kings Oak Hospital

Chase Farm North Side The Ridgeway Enfield LONDON EN2 8SD

BMI The Cavell Hospital

Cavell Drive Uplands Park Road Enfield LONDON EN2 7PR

Royal Free London Hospital (Barnet)

Wellhouse Lane, Barnet, Hertfordshire, EN5 3DJ

Royal Free London Hospital (Chase Farm)

The Ridgeway, Enfield, Middlesex, EN2 8JL